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Retest Information

If your vehicle fails the MOT test and has to have one or more items repaired, then you will have to bring your vehicle back to an MOT testing station to have a retest or re-examination before an MOT test certificate will be issued.

Below you will find information about MOT retests and what the standard procedures and costs are.

MOT Retest Information
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If your vehicle fails it's MOT test ...

Should the vehicle fail, you will be issued with a VT3O Certificate stating the items causing the failure of the MOT test. Make sure that you are clear as to what rectification is required for a pass to be issued. In certain cases expert or special services may be required regarding emissions or welding.

There is no set time limit before a retest and it is at the discretion of the individual. Remember - a car that does not have as current MOT Certificate is not allowed to be used on the road except when going for repairs for an MOT test, or to a prearranged MOTtest.

MOT Retest Procedures and Fees...

If your vehicle fails it's MOT test and is left at the station it was originally tested in to be repaired, then no additional fee is charged for a retest. This is known as a Partial Re-Examination or Partial Retest.

Free Retest Items

If the failed vehicle is taken away but then brought back to the same test station and retested before the end of the next working day on one or more of the following items only then no fee is charged for a retest:

Partial Re-Examination Items - (No Additional Fee)

Bonnet   Horn Sharp Edges
Bootlid   Lamps Steering Wheel
Brake Pedal Antislip   Loading Door Tailboard
Direction Indicators   Mirrors Tailgate
Doors   Rear Reflectors VIN
Dropsides   Registration Plates Windscreen and Glass
Fuel Filler Cap   Seat Belts Wipers and Washers
Hazard Warning   Seats Wheels and Tyres
To see a list of items tested during an MOT test and the reasons why they fail - Click Here >>

If Your Vehicle Fails Due to Other Items

If the vehicle is left at the MOT testing station for repair and is retested before the end of 10 working days following the day of failure, then only a partial retest is needed for which no fee is charged.

If the vehicle is removed from the testing station for repair and returned for retest within 10 working days following the day of failure, then only a partial retest is needed and a partial retest fee is charged.
In any other case a full retest is required and the full MOT test fee will be charged.
Only one free partial retest is permissable per full examination.

How to Get a Free MOT Retest

Your re-test will only be free if the vehicle is left with the original MOT testing station for repair and then a partial re-test is carried out within 10 working days of the original MOT test.

So if you bring your car in to your testing station for an MOT and it fails on item(s) that are not in the list above – in the blue box – and you take the vehicle away and either fix it yourself or get another garage to fix it you will need to bring it back for a partial re-test within 10 working days to get the partial re-test fee which is half the full test fee. To see a list of MOT charges - Click Here >>

If you bring it back to the original MOT testing station outside of 10 working days then the station will have to perform a complete MOT test and will charge the full MOT fee.

If you leave your vehicle with your MOT testing station to repair and re-test within 10 working days then only a partial retest will be necessary and this will be free.

A partial retest is where only the items that you vehicle failed on during the full MOT test are examined. 

If your vehicle fails on the partial re-test then the vehicle will have to have a full MOT test when you bring it back again and the full fee will be charged.

These charges and the application of them is governed by VOSA - the vehicle and Operator Services Agency.



If Your Vehicle Fails the MOT test - and You Wish to Appeal Against the Decision

If your vehicle fails the MOT test and you wish to appeal against refusal to issue a test certificate for your vehicle you must ask for a VT17 form which is obtainable from your MOT testing station.

Send the form with a further full test fee to reach the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency office nearest to your testing station within 14 days of the refusal notice.
If your appeal is successful the fee or part of it will be returned to you. Do not have your vehicle repaired before your appeal is considered because any change to your vehicle may affect the outcome of the appeal.
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